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Five Things about Priyadi Ngeblog Lagi 17


To blog is a curse. To stop blogging, is even worse. At least, that’s how Priyadi Iman Nurcahyo looked at it. After disappearing from the blogosphere for two years, Priyadi finally have to acknowledge one bitter reality: his friends are annoying. Annoying enough to make a t-shirt written, “Kapan Ngeblog Lagi?” (When Will You Blog Again?) for him. Annoying enough to keep mentioning him and his dead blog on Twitter. And even after all these things, they are still annoying enough to support a movement called #priyadingebloglagi. A campaign designed, specifically, to force Priyadi to blog, again.

As a blogger, Priyadi Iman Nurcahyo was (and maybe still is) influential. His new posts are always welcomed with a warm “PERTAMAX!” (FIRST!). If it’s hard for you to get ten or twenty comments on your blog post, Priyadi is your opposite. His posts attracts numerous comments. Important comments, junk comments, comments that was only created to make a joke out of him, even hateful comments.

When I started the #priyadingebloglagi campaign on Twitter a couple weeks ago, I didn’t know it was gonna be a huge success. At that time, my only intention is to ask ex-bloggers to blog again. PB2010 was approaching, and I thought it’s a good idea if people who stopped blogging, starts writing again. Priyadi is a very very fine example (read: victim). The best place to start of course, is

To attract people to use the hashtag, I tweet a lot of ‘funny’ stuffs like, “If #priyadingebloglagi @username would do an Indian dance on Margonda Street (a famous street in Depok, where Priyadi lives)” or “If #priyadingebloglagi failed, @username will sing in front of his house for a month.” It caught people’s attention, and Priyadi’s too. And then, on the 29th of October 2010, a miracle happened. Priyadi ngeblog lagi (Priyadi blogs again).

These are Five Things why Priyadi should blog again, and keep doing it:

1. Celebrity
Priyadi Iman Nurcahyo is a celebrity in the blogosphere. Even if he decided to vanish and wipe his trace from the blogosphere, he will not be able to stop these kind of conversation,

A: Hey, do you know where Priyadi is now?
RS: Who is Priyadi?
A: That guy from Depok who stopped blogging because (Anne Ahira wants him to stop / blogging is a temporary trend / blogging doesn’t make good profits).
RS: Oh, that guy! I hate him! He’s a negative blogger. And I hate his friend too, that Eko Juniarto. Grmbl grmbl. *fixes his moustache* *secretly misses Priyadi*

Ordinary people know Priyadi, and well-known people know Priyadi. People can forget, but once you’re famous, people can remember.

2. Important Issues
His newest blog posts are not exactly important, but let’s spare him, the guy had only started to write again, geez. We know you’re still a bit rusty there, mate. At his prime, Priyadi often wrote about important stuffs. He brought current issues and new topics at the table, and made us think that it’s worth reading and discussing. As an alternative news media, his blog is a success.

3. Fun
Isn’t it fun knowing that your campaign worked? Isn’t it fun knowing that the power of small group of people actually managed to give Priyadi an itch he had to scratch? He blogged again (for the time being) and it’s all because of you. We finally figured out a way to force someone to do something we want, through social media. Awesome. Haha.

4. Priyadi Likes Movies
Like other geeks I know, Priyadi watched Star Wars, and liked it. He wrote reviews about other movies too, such as Kingdom Of Heaven, March Of The Penguins, War Of The Worlds, Batman Begins, and various TV shows. Who knows, he might like my post and decided that he would treat me to watch, The Social Network, perhaps? And of course then, I’ll force him to write a review on it. Isn’t life grand?

5. A New Hope
If Priyadi Iman Nurcahyo can do it, so can you. When was the last time you wrote on your blog? Are you one of those ex-bloggers / zombie bloggers / only-posting-once-a-year bloggers? If you think that you’re one of them, hey, maybe it’s time to start another movement. If #priyadingebloglagi could become a big hit, why can’t yours? #(insertyournamehere)ngebloglagi could be your next milestone. A way to remember that sharing is still very much welcomed on the internet. Blogging might be a thing of the past and no longer part of the current trend, but if you have something to share, it’s best to let it out. Write it, publish it, and spread it. Maybe, like Priyadi, you can change the world. One person at a time.

That’s it from Five Things. Stick around for more annoying campaigns. You could be our next victim.

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  1. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Benny Chandra, Mas Setiawan. Mas Setiawan said: The blog post you've been waiting for: "Five Things about Priyadi Ngeblog Lagi". cc: @priyadi #5things [...]

  2. The Editor says:

    Horee, gak usah pake rok! *joget pisang* :-”

  3. silent says:

    horeee!!! #priyadingebloglagi

  4. Priyadi says:

    horeee, @ssetiawan pake rok!

  5. The Editor says:

    Horeee, orangnya udah nongol! *beresin pancingan* :-” *ngeloyor*

  6. sibair says:

    hahahaha @ssetiawan semangat bgt bikin mas priyadi ngeblog lagi …. XD

  7. lischantik says:

    yang keinget dari semua hal yang berbau priyadi
    adalah kalimat ssetiawan pake rok … :)

  8. indobrad says:

    hey I didn’t know that the “kapan ngeblog lagi” t-shirt was a campaign dedicated to priyadi! did it, really?!

  9. Koen says:

    Hihihi :) . Moga Priyadi terus ngeblog lagi :)

  10. The Editor says:

    @sibair Gw lagi gak ada kerjaan aja sih, makanya bikin kampanye itu, Wakaka… *dikeplak*

    @lilis: Wooeyy, kagak ada itu gw bikin janji-janji pake rok! =))

    @Opa Brad: Well, it’s a long story, but the genius at #idgmail managed to fit all sorts of causes into that t-shirt. It’s not just for Pri, or Enda, it’s for all of us (at that time). LOL.

    Wanjrit, blog gw disambangi Kuncoro. Hihihi… *ngumpet lagi*

  11. Iman says:

    jadi kapan nih Mas Bro akan pake rok? #eh

    Welcome back to Mas Pri :D

  12. arikaka says:

    memang enak dan nikmat rasanya ngeblog itu, makanya mulai ngeblog lagi :D

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