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Five Most Interesting Fictional US Presidents 5


United States of America has a long list of presidents. Old and young. Loved and hated. Charming and not so charming. Now black and white, too. In Hollywood, playing the role as US President is quite tricky. To portray real presidents takes a lot of work. A lot have failed, or only doing so so, but some had perform very well. Portraying a fictional US President is not easy too. Although the actors are usually stuck with the script they had to play, they can always choose how to carry the new character.

If your US President is the typical bad guy or know-it-all kind of boss, it doesn’t mean that he can’t be a classy villain. If your US President is a warm-hearted family guy, it doesn’t mean that he must be a softy. As a US President one should be firm and maintain some sort of authority, at whatever cost. Even if it makes the audience throw a bucket of popcorn at you.

Some fictional US Presidents are memorable enough, sometimes we can’t help to wonder, how’s the country going to be if these guys reigned the White House. Examples taken from real movies, so, no Chuck Norris or Homer Simpson on the list. Sorry.

These are Five Things’ five most interesting fictional US Presidents:

1. President Bill Pullman

The young President Thomas J. Whitemore didn’t look too convincing as a US President. But, wait just a moment. This guy was in the military and knows his way around a fighter jet. Leading a group of pilots against alien mother ship is obviously not a skill most presidents possessed. Pullman though, looked comfortable firing missiles after missiles, and capturing the heart of millions with his role as a good dad and loving husband. And, don’t forget, his “Independence Day” speech just before the air strike was one of the best Hollywood moments. It’s only a short speech, but after that, you can understand why this guy was chosen to be US President. If President Bill Pullman leads US, we will never have an alien problem.

2. President Leslie Nielsen

This is why we have movies on the first place. Why? Because having a President Leslie Nielsen is sometimes, beyond our wildest imagination. Scary Movie 3 and Scary Movie 4 are guilty for bringing this legendary comedian in the presidential role. We have nothing against, Nielsen, really. On the contrary, we love Airplane! and The Naked Gun. It was a lot of fun. Playing President Baxter Harris, Nielsen investigates crop circles in his first role, and reading a book about ducks to elementary school students while aliens reportedly attacked the city (haha) in his second one. We’re not sure why Nielsen fits the role as a president, maybe we’re not suppose to think so much, and just enjoy the show. Of course, if President Leslie Nielsen leads US, we will never have laughter shortage.

3. President Michael Douglas

There are no aliens, war, or man to man fight in this movie, because The American President is indeed a romantic comedy. The drama takes place in the heart of United States, between widowed President Andrew Sheperd and lobbyist Ellen Wade. Michael Douglas and Annette Benning are perfectly paired in this complicated love story. What you remembered about Sheperd’s character is, in fact, not the drama itself, but his standpoint as an individual. This is probably the most believable fictional US President on the silver screen. President Sheperd might be the strongest man on earth, but when all titles stripped off from him, like everyone else, he is just a man. If President Michael Douglas leads US, we’ll have a president who is loved by his people.

4. President Morgan Freeman

Apocalypse seemed to come often within the administration of an African American president. President Thomas Wilson (Danny Glover) in the near future of 2012, have seen what hell on earth is like. President Tom Beck, faced similar problem, but with a massive comet named Wolf-Biederman. His luck seemed grim when huge rocks started flying around the US airspace and destroyed East Coast in a single crash. Ouch. But, it’s not Morgan Freeman if he can’t face this emergency situation with such grace and care. Luckily, the earth survived the hit, so, it’s not a bad ending for the charismatic president. Deep Impact survived on the scorecard and box-office, too. Not bad indeed. If President Morgan Freeman leads US, we will never have anything to worry. His sooth voice will calm us all, and he’ll provide bunkers when we need one.

5. President Harrison Ford

With vast experience in flying the Millenium Falcon, beating Nazi scums, and surviving dangerous scenes as a CIA analyst, of course, Harrison Ford got all it takes to be able to fly Air Force One. He might be old and seemed harmless, but President James Marshall proved that he’s a real kickass president. He single-handedly defeat Russian hijackers and perform crazy stunts up in the air. It’s really not overrated to vote James Marshall as the best US President in a movie. After all, having a president who knows how to defeat his enemies and take control of situation is what everyone wants. If President Harrison Ford leads US, he will always come to save the day. You have my vote, Ford!

So, that’s it from Five Things. So, who’s your favorite fictional president? Please tell me it’s not President Harry Callahan. Sigh.

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  2. indobrad says:

    Long live President Leslie Nielsen! Now here’s a president we can all have a good laugh at.

    Of course when it comes to domestic icon, it’s gotta be our lovely Tiffy (smirk)

  3. The Editor says:

    LOL, glad you like my pick on President Nielsen. He’s just hilarious. Now, Tiffy thou. I choose not to comment on this one. =))

  4. Dunaevskij says:

    I have a problem with the overall premise of your article but I still think its really informative. I really like your other posts. Keep up the great work. If you can add more video and pictures can be much better. Because they help much clear understanding. :) thanks Dunaevskij.

  5. The Editor says:

    Thanks for coming here, Dunaevskij. :D I’m happy enough someone out there reads my article, I don’t really mind the complaints. Yeah, I was thinking of getting more pics and videos in the article, but sometimes it just made things looked a bit cluttered. I don’t know if other people wished I put more of these. Well, I’ll keep that in mind thou. Thanks again.

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