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5 Must Watch Zero Waste Documentaries  22


Documentaries are the heart of visual information to knowledge’s seekers.

Why do we watch documentaries?

The answer is simple, we seek to know more information about a specific topic that interests us, driven by our curiosity toward that topic, or seeking information on an issue / topic that is related to our personal / professional life.

Our environment is something we all should care about, it’s the world we live beneath its giving, we should always have in our mind that we ought to keep, maintain, and to develop this world, because it is our source of life on the earth.

This concept won’t be initiated by itself, we ought to seek the knowledge to apply, and to make it real.

“Reduce, reuse, and recycle” is a motto we should be aware of, as they’re the 3 R’s of the environment, these are the ways of executing our concept toward ourselves and our environment.

On this article we’ll present 5 documentaries that are worth watching for everyone who cares about the environment and its clearance of the waste, they’re mainly and particularly suitable for every person seeks to enhance his knowledge and information about the issue, and for everyone wants to have an impact and a role in saving our environment and societies from the harms of the waste and its following dangers.

  1. No Impact man – 2009:

It’s all about experiment!

Colin Beavan decided to live a “No waste impact” life on the environment, he decided to do this experience with his family including his wife and daughter, no ordinary source electricity, no plastics, no aluminum cans, no vehicles, and only by going organic and riding a bicycle!

The movie was successfully influenced many followers around the world, the zero-waste experience of Colin Beavan is followed by his blog, book and film.

Simple facts and distinguish results were offered through the movie, which can be very enthusiastic to anyone in changing his attitude in life toward the environment.

Colin Beavan has an ongoing project called by the same name of the movie; “No-impact” project, which continues to give advices and real experiences on the topic.

  1. Trashed – 2012:

Academy Award winner & British actor Jeremy Irons Takes us into a journey to guide and enlighten us on the results of waste harms & problems, a journey which reveals the fact about a lot of waste sites around the world and how they impact the lives of people who lives nearby and sometimes within!

You’ll see the negative impact on the human life comes from the waste sites in the world, as we live in a circle of life, a human make waste then a live creature eat that waste, then a human eat it again!

The movie also tells about the impact of pollution and its catastrophes like: landfill, incineration, and ice melting.

Jeremy Irons says: “We’ve made this movie, because there are so many people who feel strongly the urgent need for the problem of ‘waste’ and ‘sustainability’ to be addressed”

Also he addresses some possible solutions in reality, which are already implemented in some places.

The movie gives a lot of information about the waste problems and provides us with some real time solutions as a hope.

  1. Just eat it: a food waste story – 2014:

Ever wonder about food waste?

Do you know that we throw 50% of our food in the trash? Especially into waste landfills.

This movie offer some facts about it, you’ll be surprised about the amount of food`s waste on our daily usage and life.

On the movie you’ll see the journey of the food production chain, from the farm and up to the retail stores, and what measures are implanted in defining “eligible food”.

Film makers decided to go through an experiment of living on “discarded food” – or so as we call it – for a period of time, and new facts were discovered.

This movie will give you enlightenment and wide thinking on the true meaning of our own terms, especially the term “discarded food”!

  1. Bag it – 2010:

It all start with a normal guy who asked himself about the destiny of a plastic bag, then it transformed to a big curiosity about all the plastic’s products.

He thought plastic bags are disposable, so any way it goes away, isn’t it?

But where is away? And here comes the shocking facts!

The movie is really fun and offer a lot of information through the journey of a wondering normal guy, who was shocked knowing some information about the plastic impact on the environment.

This movie is really fun and offers some possible solution to the waste problems of plastics, solutions are applicable for every normal average person.

  1. Waste deep – 2014:

This is a short documentary movie, also it is available to watch online for free.

As its makers declare it is: “a film about waste”.

This movie shows in a brief but yet rich way the problems of waste, especially food & plastics waste, its impact on many of life forms in our world, and how it causes so much harms.

Interesting opinions and meetings are shown during the film, were made with environmentalists & specialists.

Environmentalist Tim Silverwood Said: “In nature there’s no such thing as a waste, everything goes back to the system, if you want to get serious about sustainability; it starts with waste”.

Yet this film offers creative solutions on the food waste and plastic packaging, how to avoid it, it shows described solutions and how to apply them to your own life and society.

The movie is based in Australia, yet it is offer general knowledge and solutions, its main feature that it is offering the whole concept in a few minutes, so if you want to have a good understanding of the waste problem and its solutions; this film is for you.

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