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Welcome to Five Things 0


It started simple.

One day, I was searching for information about a movie I really liked. I stumble upon some reviews, wiki pages, commentaries, blog posts, and other interesting stuffs. As I was reading these sites, I started to wonder. I think it would be nice to have a site that sums up all the fun movie facts for you. You know, the type of fun facts you only discovered after googling the movie for an hour? Perhaps it’s nice to know heads up that the movie you’re about to watch contains a scene of cannibalism. That way, you know you shouldn’t be eating burgers while watching it. Or, maybe the site will tell you that the actor you had a crush on, is actually gay. That way, if you’re a woman, you won’t hope too much and ended up heartbroken.

I love movies, and I love these movie fun facts. Because you’re reading this post, you already know how the story ends. Yes. I finally decided to make that site. From this day on, I will gather five fun facts and trivia about your favorite movie, and post it on this blog.

I hope you’ll find it entertaining. If it’s not entertaining enough, at least I hope you’ll find it informative. And, if it appeared that you already know all the things that I have written, just let me know. Maybe then, I’ll start making up my own movie fun facts. I hope you won’t know that it’s a hoax.

So, welcome to Five Things. Enjoy our list, and forgive our hoaxes.

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