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  • on 27.09.2010
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Five Things is Now on Twitter 4


Every blogger became lazy from time to time. They procrastinate and delay posting new articles. I know how it felt. Sometimes, it’s hard for me to sum up the will to write a decent blog post. So, what should we do about that?

This blog is only a week old or so, but from my observation, it has a potential. Two potentials, actually. One, it’s going to drive me crazy because I have to write a couple of posts every week. Two, it’s gonna make my readers love me, probably because, I wrote something that they like, or, I wrote something they don’t like (and now they will have a new target to poke on for the sake of entertainment).

So, how do I facilitate the potentials to suit my needs? Emm, it seems that I have to write less post every week, or I won’t have the time to do anything else. Two, I still have people to entertain. So, for the sake of typing efficiency, I followed the majority, and make a Twitter account for this blog.


If you noticed, I’ve placed a Twitter widget on this blog’s main page. I still need to tinker around a bit with it, but that’s pretty much it. I will tweet stories and news while I’m not posting. If you’re interested, you can follow:


If you’re not, well, you can read it in this blog.

See you on the Twitterverse. And see you on the next post.

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There are 4 comments for this post

  1. tomy says:

    and your official hashtag is?

  2. The Editor says:

    #movies and #5things I think. Naw, haven’t really figured it out that much. FGS, I just created the bloody account today, mate. :) )

  3. indobrad says:

    Aaaaaargh, twitter has been invaded! Run for your life!! =))

  4. The Editor says:

    *kejar Opa pake sepeda roda tiga* >:)

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