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  • on 12.10.2010
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Five Things is Introducing Take Five 2


Currently, Five Things only accommodate movie reviews and lists. Of course, it’s not enough. The movie industry is a vast world, and constantly flooded with new information everyday. Headline news, rumors, announcements, and celebrity gossips are waiting to grab your attention. To get you closer on new updates about the movies you’re waiting for and celebrities you like, Five Things will provide a special spot for it.

Take Five is Five Things’ new short entertainment news category. Is your celebrity crush getting married soon? Your favorite director is planning to shoot a new project? Your favorite superhero will arrive on silver screen? We’ll sum it all up for you. Short, simple, and special just for you.

If you’re a muggle who’s waiting for the seventh Harry Potter movie, a new fan of debuting director Ben Affleck, hates the idea of the new Spiderman reboot, or you’re just into some hot celebrity pics, be sure to leave us a note.

So, tell us who to watch for, and we’ll be sure to report their updates.

See you on Take Five.

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Deniz Ongar

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  1. indobrad says:

    Just give me the Von Trapp family :D

  2. The Editor says:

    Ntar ye abis blogshop. =))

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