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Take Five: Tom Hardy Will Join Batman 3 0


A reunion is on the way folks. If you’ve seen Inception, and found yourself a new fan of the hot supporting actor, Tom Hardy, you’re gonna love this. He will take part in Batman 3. Nolan sure loves this guy.

EXCLUSIVE: While Tom Hardy’s plan to play Mad Max in the George Miller-directed Mad Max: Fury Road has hit another delay, the fast-rising Hardy’s in the mix for another big film at Warner Bros. I’m told that Hardy has been set by his Inception director Chris Nolan for a lead role in the next Batman film at Warner Bros. Insiders are keeping the role secret and won’t even say if he’s up for a villain role, but that seems a reasonable assumption.

We would love to see Hardy back on the screen, especially with the mysterious Batman 3 that will be shot in New Orleans. How will the new Gotham look like? What will Hardy play? Will it be The Riddler? Or something else you would never expect? We just cant wait to find out.

These are the reason why Five Things would love to see Tom Hardy on Batman 3:

1. Good Actor

People haven’t really pay much attention to Hardy before Inception. But they do now, and it’s for a good reason. His previous works are excellent, and he managed to steal the scene on Inception. Now, that’s very impressive for an actor you haven’t heard much of.

2. Christopher Nolan

Well, Katie Holmes was a failure, sorry, but the rest of Nolan’s handpicked actors and actress in the Batman series are so far, spectacular. We’ve seen Heath Ledger’s amazing performance, and we thought, maybe Nolan could pull out something great from Hardy this time.

3. For The Ladies

Hardy is undeniably hot. Women would love to see him on-screen again. We think they will sell lots of tickets on this one.

4. Lead Role

The lights will shine on Hardy brighter this time. Taking a lead part in Christopher Nolan‘s movie will be a major breakthrough, again. The actor got lots of potentials, and this part will make producers more aware of him.

5. A New Face For Villain

We think he’ll be an excellent villain. Someone you’ll take very seriously. He probably won’t be the type of villain that made damages by showing his fighting skill. We pictured him as the thinking type. But, if Nolan wants him to show some deadly punch, well, we believe he could do it anyway.

So, that’s it from Five Things. Stay alert for another short news from Take Five. So, are you happy to know Tom Hardy will join Batman 3?


Tom Hardy Reunited With Helmer Chris Nolan on ‘Batman’
Tom Hardy Joins Batman 3

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