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  • on 18.10.2010
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Five Things is One Month Old 5


We’ve been here since September, and we’re still here in October. Five Things started small, and we started off with a small obsession. We are glad that our readers are not annoyed with our obsession towards number 5. They even seemed to like it, and of course we’re happy for it.

The initial interest for Five Things is quite overwhelming. We didn’t think that anyone would be interested in our news and reviews, but it turned out that we could develop a readership. Stats said that our readers really do read our articles, and that’s amazing. We don’t know why they read them, but we hope it’s because they found it amusing or informative. There’s no better feeling than knowing that someone appreciate what you do. And for us, there’s no better honor than having visitors that’s willing to hear what we say.

Five Things thanked you all for reading this blog. I hope we could maintain what we do now, and of course, might achieve something better tomorrow.

These are Five Things why we’re here to stay:

1. It’s Fun To Write

We’re not the best writers, we do realized that. But, we’re trying to be better and better. We forced ourselves to write and create fun features, and with the hard work comes the experience. It’s always nice to be able to learn new things. And Five Things is eager to know more and more.

2. We Don’t Know What Else To Do

We’re not intending to open a column on politics or fashion, that’s for sure. We wouldn’t know what to write about. Movies are our passion and we just can’t get enough of it. New movies are out every week. So, we’ll never get bored.

3. Sharing is Sexy

If we stumble upon movies we think you should see, we’ll definitely recommend it here. It may sound oversimplified, but movies can make a difference. It can inspire you to do something positive. It can open your eyes to the world outside. It can even change your life. We’d love to share all these fantastic experience we get when watching a movie. We want you to feel it.

4. Leaving A Mark

Some people build monuments. Some people create a cause. We decide to write. It’s not much, but we do believe everyone should contribute something to the world, however small. The blogosphere is huge and constantly expanding, and we’re only starting to take part, but it doesn’t matter. In the end, you, our readers, will be the one who decides if we’re going to become something big, or disappear into oblivion.

5. We’re Here For You

There are a lot of people who gather fun facts on the internet, but there’s only some who are obsessed with it like we do. We will continue to gather fun stuffs for you, and we hope you’ll enjoy it. We’ll keep on writing, and we hope you’ll keep reading it.

We hope next month we’ll still have the same spirit we have now. We’re here to share, and we’re not going anywhere yet. That’s it from Five Things. Thank you, dear readers, for making us feel important.

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There are 5 comments for this post

  1. indobrad says:

    “We” ?? So there are more of you than just “The Editor”?? *curious*

  2. The Editor says:

    Well… :-” *sisiran*

  3. rid says:

    selamat satu bulanan ya,hehehe

    suka banget yang “Five Things I’ve Learned from Horror Movies” sangat menginspirasi :D

  4. Rininda says:

    “And for us, there’s no better honor than having visitors that’s willing to hear what we say.”

    I cant agree more ka shinta!

  5. The Editor says:

    Wow, someone actually landed here. =)) I’d love to see your blog, BTW. Any address I can point to?

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