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Five Things You Shouldn’t Do in Movie Theaters 16


The scene got intense. The hero of the story was about to tell the heroine the biggest secret of all time. He prepared his speech to unfold the mystery you’ve been dying to uncover since the last one hour. He opens his mouth, and … RING RING RING. The guy who sits behind you didn’t shut his cellphone off. He picked up the phone, and shamelessly answer it. Now you know how it feels like to be Dr. Bruce Banner. You’re angry. The guy with the phone won’t like you when you’re angry.

You’ve probably had this kind of experience. You went to the theater to see a great movie you’ve been wanting to see, then, someone in the theater destroyed your magnificent cinematic experience. It didn’t end up in a bloodbath, but it’s enough to ruin your fun time.

There’s really no written rules of what people should or should not do in a theater. The management pretty much let you enjoy the movie your way, as long as it doesn’t involve burning the seats or throwing stuffs at the screen. But, there is always an unwritten rule in seeing a movie at the theater. Matt Kermode and Simon Mayo gathered up these unwritten rules, and present us with Cinema Code of Conduct.

Because the holiday season is here, and a lot of you would ended up going to the movies for some holiday entertainment, we’re gonna prepare you with a little briefing. Santa keeps a record on who’s naughty and nice, even when you’re deep in the theater’s dark screening rooms. So, behave. You’re being watched.

These are Five Things you shouldn’t do in movie theaters:

1. No Telephone

No mobile phones of any kind, including your precious iPhone, Blackberry, or any toy you have with bright giant screens. You can carry it in the theater of course, but keep your hands away from it, and best if you just turned it off. Why people thought bringing these communication device into a movie screening annoying? One, you might forgot to turn it off. Not everyone like hearing the sound of your Lady Gaga ring tone in the middle of a movie. Two, you might be tempted to answer it. We know, sometimes the call is very important. But, an angry mob is not something you can reason with. If you choose to answer it anyway, we’ll pray for your safety. Three, if you said, “But I only use it to send texts!” Well, people can still hear the clicking sounds you make when texting. And, of course, when you text, or check stuffs using your mobile phone, it emits light. The theater is supposed to be dark. Flashing your well-lit screen everywhere, is considered a light pollution.

2. No Talking

No. Nobody wants to hear you talk about anything. People came to the theater and bought the ticket, to watch a movie. They’re not there to hear you giving out spoilers, or brag that you’ve been to the movie’s premiere, or listening to your well-thought analysis about the main character’s suppressed sexuality. If you want to speak freely about a movie, go make a movie blog. That’s what the internet is for.

3. No Kicking

Nobody cares that you need to express yourself because you’re watching an action movie with some kickass showcase of martial arts. Just don’t. Kicking other people’s seats is payable by a punch or slap in the face. When people pay to see a movie, they have the right to watch it peacefully, and that means they have the right to defend their seat too. An eye for an eye, a kick for a kick. If you brought it upon yourself, you’re aware of the risk.

4. No Picnic

You might think that the theater charged you too much for a bucket of popcorn and soda. You might not like the food. But, that’s not an excuse to carry a bag full of snacks to the theater. Sure, we don’t mind the people next to us eating while watching the movie. But, if he munches the entire time, or open his bag of potato chips without minding his silent surrounding, it would piss anyone off. So, if you want to eat, avoid making sounds. Don’t take too much space to keep your food supplies either. Theater is a place to watch movies, people. Keep the picnics in the park.

5. No Kids

No kids means, don’t bring kids if they’re still too young to go see a movie. They are at their prime, when it counts to hearing abilities. If they hear sounds that are too loud, they will not be happy. Also, stop bringing them to see movies they are not supposed to see. If it said PG-13, don’t push it. By being irresponsible parents, you’re going to raise irresponsible kids. Finally, if they’re old enough to go to the movie theater, make sure that they have understood the cinema code of conduct. Because, if your kids behave badly, you’re going to take the blame.

So, that’s it from Five Things. Sometimes, we commit the sins ourselves, but by reading the list, I hope everyone will be reminded about the importance of behaving nicely in theaters. Eventually, it’s all about respect. Respect for other people, and, respect for yourself. Have a nice holiday season at the movies.


Cinema Code of Conduct

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Carlo San
Michal Zacharzewski
Tory Byrne
Oliver Gruener
Linnell Esler
Andrzej Pobiedzi?ski

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    Guilty as charged. 5 out of 5. =))

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