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  • on 17.09.2010
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About 8


Welcome to Five Things.

This site is maintained by me, The Editor. Five Things is all about movies. Here you will find five random facts about movies, directors, actors, and the such.

So, about me. Let’s see…


I’m not Spiderman.

My name is Shinta Setiawan. I live in Indonesia. I’m a huge procrastinator. That is probably quite contradictory with the condition of this blog, because I write (nearly) everyday (not on weekends, thank you). Movies are something I’m always obsessed with, so, to get me off my comfortable chair and force me to do something productive, I made this blog.

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There are 8 comments for this post

  1. indobrad says:

    To read each post in this blog and compare them with the real form of the editor is… I should say, contradictory. Yet it is also inspiring to see such a person that brings nothing but herself could present these deep thoughts on movies. Congratulations for your new blog. Look forward to reading, and experiencing, more “five things” from you :D

  2. The Editor says:

    LOL, Opa. :) )

    After years of cleaning up people’s works and telling them how to tell a story, it’s actually nice to be able to write (wrongly) and let myself loose, without worrying what and how to write. If contradictory is what it takes to let my hair down, I’ll be happy to pursue my freedom on this ‘rebellious’ road. :-”

  3. yama says:

    Nice blog! Nice English! Nice reviews!

    (fellow deglogger)

  4. The Editor says:

    Hihi, thanks for stopping by. :D

  5. Koen says:

    It’s a real pleasure to visit your blog

  6. The Editor says:

    No, pleasure’s all mine. Nothing is better than knowing that someone reads my rants (and probably liked it), hihi. Enjoy your stay!

  7. Rialhamzah says:

    ohhh,, setiawan shinta female blogger who i met in semarang last saturday…

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