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Five Things to See in December 2010 2


Holiday season is coming. This month, the countdown for Academy Awards nominations begins. It’s the final chance for this year’s movies to show the world what they got to deserve an Oscar nod. And, of course, some family movies are here to spark your Christmas and new year celebration. Get ready for some great movies, in December 2010. Click to check out the movies…

Five Things about Plagiarism 3


Some people said that imitation is the highest form of flattery. So does its evil brother, plagiarism. Waking up one morning and finding out that your work had been copied by someone without a proper credit is not the perfect way to start any day. But, this time we’ll let it pass by and just go on with a smile. Beside, we think it’s kinda cool that some people found our writings good or interesting enough, that they think it’s worth copying. Click to read our story…

Take Five: Nolan Seeks Female Villain and Love Interest for Bruce Wayne 3


Christopher Nolan is out to search, not one, but two beautiful actresses to act alongside Bruce Wayne. One will play as Bruce’s love interest, and the other will take the villain role. Too much pretty girls always make life more complicated. No exception for Batman here, it seems. Click to have a guess at the ladies…

Take Five: Academy Awards Animated Features Nominee? 8


The 83rd Academy Awards will be held in February 2011. In latest news, 15 animated features have been announced to be considered for an Oscar nomination. The announcement will be aired on January 25 2010, live from Samuel Goldwyn Theater. A maximum of five movies are allowed to be in the list of nominees. Click here to guess this year’s nominees…

Five Things about Priyadi Ngeblog Lagi 17


To blog is a curse. To stop blogging, is even worse. At least, that’s how Priyadi Iman Nurcahyo looked at it. After disappearing from the blogosphere for two years, Priyadi finally have to acknowledge one bitter reality: his friends are annoying. Click to know why Priyadi should blog again…

Five Things is One Month Old 5


We’ve been here since September, and we’re still here in October. Five Things started small, and we started off with a small obsession. We are glad that our readers are not annoyed with our obsession towards number 5. They even seemed to like it, and of course we’re happy for it. Click here to join the celebration…

Take Five: Tom Hardy Will Join Batman 3 0


A reunion is on the way folks. If you’ve seen Inception, and found yourself a new fan of the hot supporting actor, Tom Hardy, you’re gonna love this. He will take part in Batman 3. Nolan sure loves this guy. Click here to know why Hardy will be in Batman 3…

Take Five: How To Train Your Dragon Sequel Will Blast Your Screen 4


Kids love flying. So does adults. When How To Train Your Dragon was released earlier this year, nobody thought it was going to be a major hit. With more than $500 million worldwide gross, its a sure fire that a sequel is on the way. Click to read about the fiery sequel…

Five Things is Introducing Take Five 2


Currently, Five Things only accommodate movie reviews and lists. Of course, it’s not enough. The movie industry is a vast world, and constantly flooded with new information everyday. Headline news, rumors, announcements, and celebrity gossips are waiting to grab your attention. To get you closer on new updates about the movies you’re waiting for and celebrities you like, Five Things will provide a special spot for it.

Take Five is Five Things’ new short entertainment news category. Is your celebrity crush getting married soon? Your favorite director is planning to shoot a new project? Your favorite superhero will arrive on silver screen? We’ll sum it all up for you. Short, simple, and special just for you.

If you’re a muggle who’s waiting for the seventh Harry Potter movie, a new fan of debuting director Ben Affleck, hates the idea of the new Spiderman reboot, or you’re just into some hot celebrity pics, be sure to leave us a note.

So, tell us who to watch for, and we’ll be sure to report their updates.

See you on Take Five.

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Deniz Ongar

Five Things is Accepting Requests 5


We’re not idle, we only seemed to. Five Things will be back pretty shortly with new reviews and articles coming in. The blog’s initial reaction in its first week of appearance is quite positive. So, we were thinking, “Hey, if you liked it so much, why don’t you tell us what to write next!”

I’ve been getting some review requests, and I think if it appeals to my reader, I will continue to do so. If you have any request, any movie you want me to watch and review, I will gladly post it. Of course, if your movie is a bit hard to find, I may have to say no. To keep it simple, let’s keep the movies in color, not too foreign, available with subtitles, and not too scary (yes, I’m a chicken, laugh all you want). Or, if you have a copy of the movie, I’d be glad to borrow or steal one.

The list of requests will be appearing on my Flash Update column (the one on the top right of my sidebar), where I’ll keep you posted about the upcoming articles.

Meanwhile, enjoy your visit, because Five Things is here to stay!

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