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Five Things about Plagiarism 3


Some people said that imitation is the highest form of flattery. So does its evil brother, plagiarism. Waking up one morning and finding out that your work had been copied by someone without a proper credit is not the perfect way to start any day. But, this time we’ll let it pass by and just go on with a smile. Beside, we think it’s kinda cool that some people found our writings good or interesting enough, that they think it’s worth copying. Click to read our story…

Five Things about Priyadi Ngeblog Lagi 17


To blog is a curse. To stop blogging, is even worse. At least, that’s how Priyadi Iman Nurcahyo looked at it. After disappearing from the blogosphere for two years, Priyadi finally have to acknowledge one bitter reality: his friends are annoying. Click to know why Priyadi should blog again…

Five Things is One Month Old 5


We’ve been here since September, and we’re still here in October. Five Things started small, and we started off with a small obsession. We are glad that our readers are not annoyed with our obsession towards number 5. They even seemed to like it, and of course we’re happy for it. Click here to join the celebration…

Five Things about Let The Right One In (2008) 2


Immortality has its price. The quest for the fountain of youth has been around for centuries and millennia. It was said that drinking from it will grant one longer life, devoid of all human degenerations. But hidden in mythical stories, folklores, and mystery books, the quest of the elusive elixir may have ended after all. To the creatures who were blessed and cursed to be forever young, human blood is the answer. Welcome to the world of vampires. Let’s begin one of our story in the frosty landscape of Sweden. Click here to meet the creatures of the night…

Five Things is Now on Twitter 4


Every blogger became lazy from time to time. They procrastinate and delay posting new articles. I know how it felt. Sometimes, it’s hard for me to sum up the will to write a decent blog post. So, what should we do about that? Click to know why I’m tweeting…

Five Things I’ve Learned from Horror Movies 9


Some people choose to learn stuffs in school. Some people choose to read a book. Some people choose to get educated through movies. Horror movies are filled with life lessons and guide to survival. Who knows, one day a serial killer will run loose on your neighborhood? (Scream) Someone died in your basement? (The Orphanage) Maybe you just found out that your home was build on an ancient burial ground? (Poltergeist) Well, the next time ghosts and zombies appeared on your doorstep, we hope you already mastered your Horror Movies 101. Click here to survive the killings…

Five Things that I Love About Movies 4


Movies have been a part of my life a long long time. I did mention on my about page that my first cinematic experience happened when I was three. Kids are not supposed to remember things that happened when they were three. I did, in crystal clear view. So, I must had been enthralled so much by the motion picture, that I was able to keep it in my memory vault, intact. Click to know why I love movies…

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